Easyid An software for your Institutions ID card requirements with barcode Locus Technologies has come out with an excellent solution with an innovative & state-of-the-art technology to make ID cards for your staff/student at an affordable cost.

Why you require this software?

  • To get error free and custom made ID cards in seconds
  • To achieve fullest satisfaction minimum expenditure
  • To get rid of strenuous collection of data from all quarters before outsourcing

What is Easyid

  • It is a software developed on Open Source Technology to create your electronic ID cards with barcode in few seconds.
  • Once you key in the data of Staff/Student you can get your ID cards printed
  • You may laminate the same and issue immediately

What are the requirements?

  • You require electronic photos for IDs to be prepared
  • You can change the colors as you like
  • You require electronic copy of your Institutions' Logo
  • A color printer
  • A laminator to laminate
  • You may use the same ID cards for library also if you have automated your operations
  • Pride of issuing ID cards to the students in10 min after the admission

What are the Advantages of Easyid?

  • No need to spend on additional Software
  • No piracy issue
  • Identity Card Generation with Bar coding facility
  • Extremely User Friendly as front end is browser
  • Highly aesthetic screens with cool background colors
  • Excellent offsite and onsite support.
  • Simple back up procedure.
  • Import and export data (data conversion). The existing data conversion through an interface.
  • Multiple user level access.
  • LAN (local Area Network) connectivity


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         230, R.K. Mutt Road
         Mandhaveli, Chennai - 600 028
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  • info@locustechnologies.com

About Locus

Locus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
is a software company of international repute. The company was established in the year 1999 by a group of young, energetic and experienced IT savvy professionals.

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